Pocket Rogues




An action-packed roguelike


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Pocket Rogues is a 'roguelite' with a birds-eye-view perspective where you play the role of an adventurer inside a dungeon. Your objective is to go down into the deepest depths of the dungeon, defeating all the enemies who get in your way, while collecting all the gold you can as you go along.

The controls in Pocket Rogues are simple: on the left side of the screen you have the directional controls to move around, while on the right you can find the action buttons. You can protect yourself using the shield, do normal attacks, as well as using special combat skills. As you advance through the game, you can also unlock new types of characters (archer, wizard, hunter, etc.), each with their own special abilities.

As in any good 'roguelite,' the scenarios in Pocket Rogues are randomly generated so that you never play in the same dungeon twice. Every time you start a new level, you have to face a new and different challenge. Thanks to the enormous number of different enemies you will come across, you'll always be presented with new surprises.

Pocket Rogues is a really fun 'roguelite' that offers a difficult and addictive gaming experience. It's the perfect game for anyone who's looking for a real challenge.

Requires Android 4.0.3 or higher